Sunday, June 22, 2014

Auto Countdown: Top 10 Cars I drove in 2013

In 2012, I did sixteen test drives. In 2013, I test drove over 100 vehicles, including 70 during the 2013 Houston Auto Show. I have already covered the worst and the pleasant surprises. Now it is time to cover the best. To prevent this list by a particular brand, the one vehicle per brand rule is in effect.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Auto Countdown: Cars That Were A Pleasant Surprise To Drive 2013 Edition

In 2013, I test drove over 100 cars, trucks, minivans, and SUVS. I have already covered the ten worst I test drove in 2013. It is time to cover those that were better than expected. There is no order. I am going by alphabetical order by brand.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Auto Countdown: Worst Cars I Drove In 2013

In 2011, I focused on the cars I saw at the various Houston auto events. In 2012, I started test driving cars, 16 test drives in all. In 2013, I test drove over 100 cars, most of them coming during the five days of the Houston Auto Show. So, why not start off with the worst cars that I drove. So here are the worst cars I drove in 2013. Also, one car per brand.

Dishonorable mentions: Buick Encore, Honda Insight, Lexus IS 250, Scion xB, Toyota Prius V, Toyota RAV4, Volvo XC60