Thursday, January 26, 2012

2011 Car Awards: Best Hypercar

Hypercars have been around since the 1990s, when the McLaren F1 was released. To be considered a hypercar, a car must be rare, expensive and hit a top speed of at least 240 mph. The F1 reached a top speed of 242 mph with the limiter off. 2011 saw a few cars that push the limits of what a car can do. My choice for 2011 Hypercar of the Year is:

Hennessey Venom GT

The Hennessey Venom GT is an incredible machine. Hennessey takes a Lotus Exige, extends the body, makes body panels except for the roof and doors out of carbon fiber, and puts a twin-turbocharged 6.2L V8 LS9 engine with 1,200 hp and 1,155 lb-ft of torque in it. The Venom GT goes from 0 to 60 mph in 2.5 seconds (same as a Bugatti Veyron SS and quicker than the Koenigsegg Agera) and can reach a top speed of 275 mph. There will be 29 Venom GTs built. Prices for the Venom GT start at $600,000. The Venom GT attracts large crowds wherever it is. People swarmed the Venom GT when cars like the Rossion Q1, Lamborghini 350GT, Porsche Carrera GT, and Lamborghini Aventador are near by. The car is extremely fast, rare, and a head turner and is my choice for 2011 Hypercar of the Year.

Other I considered:

Koenigsegg Agera/ Koenigsegg Agera R: The Koenigsegg Agera/ Agera R is a very quick car. But the Agera R only goes from 0 to 60 mph in 2.9 seconds, 0.4 seconds slower than the Venom GT. Also, the Venom GT is cheaper than the Agera R, making the Venom GT a better value than the Agera R.

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